Making Your Festival Fabulous

Elevate Your Event

With years of success under our belts we are expert at crafting an image campaign to attract your audience, add style and prestige to your event, and develop merchandise that markets your festival for years to come. A strategically designed image can drive both your marketing materials and merchandise while creating a profit center you may not have taken advantage of. You can rely on us to design compelling print and digital ads, Facebook and Eventbrite graphics, digital billboards, street banners and informational posters. Plus, we can tie it all together so your event signage is consistently great!


A Branding & Graphic Design Plan For Your Festival

Design Strategy

We begin with a carefully constructed branding plan that considers all the graphical needs of your event so that we can design the components strategically and apply them to the applications. This is the foundation for a cohesive presentation to your audience.

Superb Graphics

Our design is based on decades of experience with posters, prints and consumer products - we know what people want to buy. And we understand how to translate that aesthetic into effective marketing materials that brings the crowds to your gate!

Product Development

Dan Gilbert Art Group has designed and licensed hundreds of products in apparel, home decor, home furnishings, toys and games, and more. We work in practically all media and can produce merchandise that beautifully markets your event year-round.

Crate Label Revival

For agricultural events we offer original Fruit Crate Label poster designs, a decorative and popular genre that visitors love to collect. This motif is the perfect format to show off your theme and logo. Dan Gilbert is the leading contemporary crate label designer!

Superb Design Strategically Planned

Your event's logo, poster and marketing materials will influence the public's expectations. Will it be a well-run, quality experience? Your marketing materials are the first connection you make with your audience and its critical that you send the best message you can. Today's audiences are conditioned to expect professionally produced graphics. Our objective is to deliver that level of excellence consistently throughout your event - from your web and print ads to the fair signage and merchandise.

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“Dan understands the needs and the vision of our organization & events, and I trust him to deliver excellent, highly compelling work, even when we're pressed with deadlines and shifting strategies. His inspired artwork has expanded our brand awareness and helped us to establish a rich visual identity of which we are proud. The posters, products and graphics that he designs for our Gravenstein Apple Fair each year have made our marketing an annual tradition that the public looks forward to, creating an integrated thematic, visually delightful experience for our visitors. I highly recommend Dan to any organization or event manager!”

— Carmen Snyder, Farm Trails Executive Director

“I have been an author and historian of western lithography for nearly forty years and have amassed the most comprehensive collection of vintage crate labels and agricultural advertising from The West and around the world, and am enthusiastically including Dan Gilbert's original designs as well. His work faithfully honors the spirit and artistic integrity of the genre. I don't know of any other artists today who are designing original modern crate labels so authentically and beautifully. Dan's excellent work is both modern and symbiotic with the past one-hundred years of label design.”

— Thomas P. Jacobsen, Agrilitholigist

“Gilbert's Gravenstein Apple Fair posters are the recognized face of the Fair. These are one of my favorite styles of poster art in the county. I love them so much that I have framed and mounted Gravenstein Posters from the last 6 years in my kitchen. Looking for a space right now to hang number 7.”

— Brent Farris, Radio Host, KZST

“I have had nothing but great support from Artisan Web Design. Dan is very helpful and always available to make any edits or updates as needed. Our patients find that the website is very easy to navigate and love that they can access pre appointment paperwork prior to their visit. Many patients report that they found our office from our website.”

— Robert Leach DDS.

“Our newspaper has worked with Dan on many events. Its a pleasure to work with a professional who makes our job easier and contributes such striking advertising and editorial graphics to our publication.”

— Rollie Atkinson, Publisher, Sonoma West Publishers

“Dan's commemorative posters for the aquarium were beautiful and were in great demand by our visitors for many years. It was impressive to find them in galleries all over the world - we couldn't have asked for more effective marketing. We used Dan's images on numerous gift shop products and even the cover of our annual report.”

— Kathy Sher, FMR Dir. of Marketing, National Aquarium in Baltimore

“The Mountain Play was in a pinch for the 2010 production of Guys and Dolls - we needed the poster designed FAST and were concerned we wouldn't get the quality we needed in our very tight deadline. Dan delivered a design that even impressed our demanding creative director and with time to spare. We'll be looking to Dan again!”

— Sarah Pearson, Mountain Play, Executive Director