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The Birth of a Puzzle Legacy

In the late 1980's Dan Gilbert was asked to create a puzzle for the poison arrow frog exhibit at the National Aquarium in Baltimore. He wanted to make it illustrative and eye-catching. Inspired by existing square matching puzzles, he chose instead to use triangles and added a frame into which the pieces would nest and also match. This allowed for a larger canvass for illustration and also made the game portable . A deceptive formula would allow the puzzle to be nearly assembled in numerous configurations but would have only one solution.  When the concept was complete the production proved too expensive to manufacture for the Aquarium, but a few years later after the introduction of new digital tools like Macintosh and Adobe Illustrator, the process became economically practical and Triazzle was born. 

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How It Works

The object is simply to place the triangular pieces into the frame with all pictures matching. There are numerous options where to place the triangles but only one will lead to the correct solution. Triazzle challenges strategic thinking, memory and even willingness to risk.  Variations of the brain teaser have been made for all ages. It has won numerous awards including Dr. Toy's 100 Best Children's Products, Oppenheimer Toy Portfolio, Newsweek Editors Choice Award, and iLounge Top 100 iPhone Games.

The Art of Puzzles

Stunning imagery has from it's inception been a hallmark of the Triazzle series. Since 1991, artwork for Triazzle has been created by Dan Gilbert and in collaboration with several illustrators at the Art Group. Media has included pen and ink, painting, colored pencil, photography, and has been produced in Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop. Additionally, Triazzle has featured licensed art including Pixar's Toy Story, The Simpsons, Disney's Alice in Wonderland, Looney Tunes and Star Trek.

Graphical Variations

Most of the 100+ themes have included all manner of animals, birds, insects, reptiles, fish, plants, space science and pop themes like teddy bears, ladies shoes, guitars, magic, toys, vehicles, dinosaurs and much more. Nearly 5 million Triazzle Puzzles have sold worldwide. Art created for the puzzles has been licensed for printed and woven textiles, apparel, wall coverings, stationery, carved painted wood and other consumer products.


Triazzle began as a 16-piece puzzle for ages 8- adult Over the years it expanded to include a 9-piece Triazzle Junior, 24-piece hexagonal Master Triazzle, 12-piece Star Triazzle, magnetic Travel Triazzle, Tiny Triazzle, Kids Triazzle. Computer Games: Berkeley Systems Triazzle Living Puzzle, Activision's Triazzle Rainforest, Total Triazzle, the award-winning Triazzle for iPhone and Schell Game's Triazzle Island, which introduced totally new Triazzle and triangular puzzle concepts, and the Triazzle Board Game.

Further Evolution

Triazzle enthusiasts requested more puzzles using other geometric shapes. Concentra is a series of polygons arranged in 3 concentric rings. Jungle Bungle employs matching rectangles and the Trails Games are a complex activity of interweaving trails. CrissCross is a matching-squares adaptation of the Triazzle format. Plexle matches unusual interlocking shapes in a 4x4 grid. 3-dimensional picture-matching has also been explored. Triazzle 3D is comprised of tetrahedrons and pyramids. LostArt is a challenging puzzle of rectangular blocks covered in a single Master's painting. Tumble Jumble also uses rectangular blocks, but with 4 different puzzles to solve. Match'em High is a stack of 5 cubes covered in thematic pathways that must match as they snake around the stack. Other graphical puzzle-games emerged like: SlideMaster, the 2-layered slide puzzles; Pocket Games, a line of magnetic matching games and mazes packaged in jewel cases; and SpinHead, a series of matching puzzles using images on rotating disks.

Get in Touch

“As founder and president of DaMert Company I started working with Dan and his studio in 1990. He designed and developed dozens of award-winning puzzles, games and gift products that sold millions of units creating a partnership that helped DaMert Company grow both domestically and internationally. The Triazzle line was our largest world-wide success exceeding 5 million units sold turning it into a true international classic. Dan has always been super creative, full of new ideas and has excellent packaging and product identity skills. He also certainly goes the extra mile to make sure every detail is as good as it can be.”

— Fred Damert, President, DaMert Company

Triazzle News

I am excited to announce that Channel Craft is the latest licensee and is distributing 4 designs of the classic Triazzle tray puzzle and 4 all new WOODEN Travel Triazzles!
And stay-tuned for some exciting news about INTERNATIONAL DISTRIBUTION! Triazzle will soon be available from one of the world's best known toy companies throughout Europe and Asia and other parts of the world.