Original Crate Label Design

Never Out of Fashion

Vintage fruit crate labels have been a popular collectible for decades and are sought after by consumers around the globe. Once the primary means of marketing agricultural products, these distinctive labels were used on wooden produce crates. But this classic American advertising artform vanished when cardboard boxes replaced the wooden crates in the early 20th Century. Most of the artists were not given credit and are still unknown, though millions of these striking and colorful  prints are still in circulation today and admired by everyone from connoisseurs and historians to interior decorators.


Dan Gilbert's Authentic Crate Label Design

Dan Gilbert's fruit crate art and design uniquely stand out from everything else on the market. Being a collector of vintage labels, Dan's designs pay homage to the characteristics of the vintage artworks while implementing today's modern techniques. Utilizing his original art, illustration and photography together with a mastery of today's digital graphic tools enable Dan to create timeless and authentic designs that continue in the classic tradition. Thomas Jacobsen, one of the world's foremost authorities on Vintage Crate Labels says, "His work faithfully honors the spirit and artistic integrity of the genre. I don't know of any other artists today who are designing original modern crate labels so authentically and beautifully."

Get the Most Marketing Mileage

Agricultural producers, food, wine, beer, cannabis, festivals and other industries who's genre can fit the retro style of the Crate Label can take advantage of the many ways a carefully crafted Crate Label design can elevate your brand. Designs can be used as product labels, marketing posters, identity collateral, in print and digital advertising, on your website and social media, as product graphics on t-shirts, bags, towels, cards, magnets and so much more. We are experts with over 40 years of experience in product development and can help you achieve an impactful campaign that will help you stand out from the competition.

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“Dan Gilbert is truly an amazing visionary. His ability to see our project through from it's beginning stages to end as well as giving us great marketing insite has been a blessing. Our business has reached a new level of clientele and level of proficiency. Thank you!”

— Tia Hurley, partner, Berman Farms

“Dan understands the needs and the vision of our organization & events, and I trust him to deliver excellent, highly compelling work, even when we're pressed with deadlines and shifting strategies. His inspired artwork has expanded our brand awareness and helped us to establish a rich visual identity of which we are proud. The posters, products and graphics that he designs for our Gravenstein Apple Fair each year have made our marketing an annual tradition that the public looks forward to, creating an integrated thematic, visually delightful experience for our visitors. I highly recommend Dan to any organization or event manager!”

— Carmen Snyder, Farm Trails Executive Director

“I have been an author and historian of western lithography for nearly forty years and have amassed the most comprehensive collection of vintage crate labels and agricultural advertising from The West and around the world, and am enthusiastically including Dan Gilbert's original designs as well. His work faithfully honors the spirit and artistic integrity of the genre. I don't know of any other artists today who are designing original modern crate labels so authentically and beautifully. Dan's excellent work is both modern and symbiotic with the past one-hundred years of label design.”

— Thomas P. Jacobsen, Agrilitholigist