Creative Design for Cannabis Professionals

Turn Heads with Your Campaign

Dan Gilbert Art Group creates unique and striking branding programs that will distinguish your cannabis businesses from the competition. We understand what makes a great identity and we know how the right image and character can sell your medical or recreational cannabis products. We have worked with the medical marijuana industry for many years and have designed hundreds of consumer products - that marriage produces an intimate understanding of what sells your brand! Your market is visually sophisticated and demanding - we deliver the kind of image campaigns that turn heads!


Design & Marketing Services

Identity & Branding Programs

We take the time to get to know your cannabis business. We develop a strategy that effectively targets your customers. Your logo and your "look & feel" convey so much about who you are and is critically important to attracting customers to your emerging marketplace. We'll make sure your program is distinctive, memorable and engaging!

Collateral & Package Design

At Dan Gilbert Art Group we have been designing consumer products for decades, so we understand what attracts someone to a product and drives them to purchase. We use that experience to design distinctive packaging and collateral for your buds, oil, edibles, accessories or support services.

Print Advertising & Photography

For small business that have product photography and advertising needs we can provide both in-house, and that cuts cost. And for location photography we work with outstanding professionals who meet our high standards. We are experienced with print advertising as well as digital needs such as banner ads, Facebook, Google Places and Eventbrite.

Website Design & Development

Before that marvelous "User Experience (UX)" is designed we dig into your story. Who are you and how does your narrative differentiate you? Then we develop a content strategy and design that takes your visitors on the journey. Our sites look great all all devices and can be built on our proprietary content management system.

Natural Design High!

Good design is good design - you can see it, you can feel it. Great design can make you smile or cry because it touches something inside of you like any great works of art. That is always our goal - to reach down inside of your customers and move them, to be delightful, to instill wonder, to be memorable. Our clients are secure with the knowledge that they will receive creative visual solutions to all their design needs. Read what our clients have to say about working with us and look through our diverse portfolio of works.

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“Dan Gilbert is truly an amazing visionary. His ability to see our project through from it's beginning stages to end as well as giving us great marketing insite has been a blessing. Our business has reached a new level of clientele and level of proficiency. Thank you!”

— Tia Hurley, partner, Berman Farms

“Finding a trustworthy, reliable design partner for my medical cannabis delivery business was essential to my operations and peace of mind. The "Art Group" created my new identity and guided me through copywriting two custom websites. They produced incredible photos of my products and have given me great personal support whenever I needed it. I recommend them to any business, especially a cannabis business that wants top notch design and service.”

— Ken Marinello, owner, Sebastopol Compassionate Care